Character Creation Rules

Character Creation

This game will use the standard character creation rules as presented in Savage Worlds Deluxe. Players can only play humans and must be members of a Morrow Project team. The will start off with 10 experience points at the beginning of the campaign, but this still makes you only Novices, which will limit what Edges are initially available.

You are creating junior members of one of the Morrow Project’s field teams. As such, you aren’t meant to be the leaders of the team, but you are expected to have certain specialties. While thinking about your characters you should keep certain things in mind:

  1. You are “true believers” in the Morrow Project and America. Cynics, mercenaries, and doubters need not apply. You will have undergone a thorough personality profile, training, and indoctrination, and the Project would have filtered any non-believers. So please don’t plan to play mercenaries or people who are just in it for the money or survival or whatever. You can have your own view on what makes America great (i.e., Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, whatever) but you must be patriotic. All of you are expected to be willing to give your life for both America and the Morrow Project.
  2. Every character must have some training in guns. Even if you were the nerdiest of scientists and as brilliant as Einstein, they would have given you at least some training with firearms.
  3. The reverse is also true. Even if you see your character as a pure “gun bunny” (and I would discourage this sort of character), you would have received other training as well. The teams are too small and the task of rebuilding America too great for anyone to be devoted strictly to combat.
  4. Pick a specialty (e.g., botany, engineering, physics, medicine, mechanics), but also pick a secondary skill. Again, the teams are too small for one person to be dedicated to only one profession. This doesn’t mean you have to be a world-class expert in your secondary skill(s), but you should be competent. Teams are meant to have some overlap.
  5. The game will start in Pratt, Kansas. Your characters are welcome to be from that area or anywhere in the world.
  6. Do not worry about equipment. This will be supplied to you. As for weapons, you will have access to 9mm pistols, M16’s, and Kevlar vests.

Character Creation Rules

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