The Morrow Project, Savage Worlds style

Protecting the future from the dangers of today

In 1992 Aspen hosted a secret meeting of nine of the wealthiest individuals in the United States. They were summoned by a man named Bruce Edward Morrow, a man not of money but of influence far beyond his position. He tells them something both unremarkable and yet quite startling: There will be a global catastrophe that will threaten the very existence of humanity. On the one hand, with the mounting problems of the world, this surprises no one, but on the other hand Morrow is somehow able to convince these nine that the danger is quite real and possibly imminent. There are no transcripts of the meeting and none will say exactly what happened, but by the end of the 2-day conference, all nine had signed on to Morrow’s Council of Tomorrow.

The Council of Tomorrow was a secret society dedicated to ensuring humanity’s future, and it’s main tool for doing this is the Morrow Project, a project that you are a part of. The Morrow Project is an ambitious project to cryogenically preserve the best of the current generation so that they can sleep through the coming apocalypse and emerge to rebuild the United States.

Savaged Morrow Project